Frequencies of Light


Frequencies of Light is my first collection of poetry.

The title comes from a line in my poem ‘Norfolk Sands’: ‘Not even gulls come here / where there is nothing / but frequencies of light’.

The book is divided into three parts – ‘Umber’, ‘Amethyst’ and ‘Mother of Pearl’ – with the poems grouped together in terms of the colours that their moods and emotions evoke within my mind.

In this respect, I was influenced by the British artist Sir Howard Hodgkin, whose abstract or semi-abstract paintings contain bold colours that could be said to reflect the emotions of the artist in relation to specific memories.

Although ‘frequencies of light’ refers most obviously to the colour spectrum, I am interested in the wider understanding of the word ‘frequencies’ and its relationship to the idea of ‘tuning in’. When contemplating a natural scene, for instance, it is unlikely that the experience will be at all significant if your mind is full of static – in other words, the unhelpful chatter of the mind when it is preoccupied with the rituals, anxieties and mundane aspects of daily life.

However, if you can silence the mind’s static and ‘tune in’ to the natural environment – to the right frequency, as it were – then remarkable things start to happen…

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