Reviews and comment

‘Who said journalists don’t have poetry in their souls? … (His) words will echo with anyone who has ever lost or missed a loved one’. The Press, York (read the write-up here)

On Persephone: ‘This is a fine collection that revisits the concept of our connections to the seasons. It does well to pin the Persephone myth onto truths about the light and shade in the human experience.’ Fiona Sinclair in Message in a Bottle poetry journal (read her review here)

On Frequencies of Light: A ‘very good book … with plenty to touch a chord with North East readers.’  The Journal, Newcastle (read the write-up here)

On Frequencies of Light: ‘This is a collection of poems that seem effortless but are technically skilful and a linguistic joy to read. The themes resonate with anyone who has loved and experienced loss. At the same time it recalls our place in the natural world reminding us that we have a spiritual dimension that must be listened to.’ Fiona Sinclair in The Lake (read the review)

‘I enjoy your work very much. I admire poets who can write about place with such precision and passion.’ Catherine Smith (

‘I’m impressed by the thoughts here…I think you have cleared a track to a truth…How carefully the thought process brings the details of the poem to us.’ Paul Mills (


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